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An innovative and unique Middle Eastern brand created by Kout Food Group in 2008.

Started in Kuwait, Ayyame has successfully grown to two locations and is marketed as a destination for dining excellence within the Middle Eastern cuisine segment. Ayyame, which has witnessed tremendous success since its inception, offers a unique and contemporary fusion of Arabian and North African cuisine that has been meticulously developed by highly skilled chefs.

Ayyame's dining experience combines the traditional and modern marvels of Arabian culture resulting in a trendy and elegant ambiance that embodies the spirit of the Middle East. The restaurant interior treats customers to Middle Eastern traditions from across the region by seamlessly integrating them to develop an innovative environment that exceeds the expectations.

The innovative cuisine, combined with the unique design, has positioned Ayyame as the restaurant of choice for a one of a kind dining experience. In 2014, Ayyame continued to increase its sales over the previous years.

Kout Food Group will continue to develop Ayyame within the region and internationally as the brand appeals to a universal consumer segment that strives for a dining experience fostered by innovation and creativity.


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