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A leader in quick service restaurants was founded in 1954 by the Burger King Corporation.

Headquartered in Miami- Dade County, Florida, Burger King Corporation is within its 60th year of continued global success with over 12,000 restaurants in over 80 countries and U.S. Territories. Over 11 million guests visit Burger King restaurants worldwide on a daily basis, solidifying the dominance of the Burger King brand within the restaurant industry.

Burger King Kuwait is managed and operated by Kout Food Group who launched the brand in 1997 and has aggressively expanded with a total of 68 restaurants strategically located around the country. In 2014, Burger King Kuwait began implementing a new restaurant design that was specifically created for the Kuwait market. This innovation combined with strong leadership, world-class operations, quality ingredients, and world-renowned fire-grilled hamburgers resulted in a 9% increase in sales over 2013. Burger King Kuwait was also recognized in the 2014 Middle East Conference held in Dubai for the "Highest Home Delivery Sales" and "Best Operations Manager of the Year".

Burger King Kuwait has exceeded expectations and proven itself as a regional leader through various aspects including being awarded the first CRT/CTR Certification, being home to the largest dedicated call center within the Gulf Region as well as having the largest dine-in location within the region that boasts a total of 600 seats, in addition to being innovative with regards to new local product initiatives.

Kout Food Group will continue to develop Burger King across Kuwait not only through the expansion of locations, but also through continuous leadership of best practices, innovation and a customer based approach that is driven by changing consumer trends and market conditions.


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