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2014 witnessed Burj Al-Hamam's ten years anniversary serving the Kuwait market Lebanese Cuisine.A chain founded in 1958 by caravan enthusiast Sam Alper who, after visiting America on a family holiday, saw an opportunity in the roadside dining market.

Headquartered in Beirut, Burj Al-Hamam has fostered over 50 years of success within the Lebanese dining sector boasting a total of 9 locations across the Middle East in Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Burj Al-Hamam Kuwait, managed and operated by Kout Food Group, was launched in 2004 and has captured market leadership as the prime Lebanese dining restaurant within Kuwait. Burj Al-Hamam offers a wide variety of fresh, authentic and traditional Lebanese cuisine including delicately made Lebanese breakfast, mezza appetizers and freshly grilled meat, chicken, and seafood along a wide range of traditional Lebanese desserts. Burj Al-Hamam is situated in a prime and scenic location on the Arabian Gulf Road that enhances the Lebanese dining experience with its beautiful surroundings and reputable customer service.

Burj Al-Hamam's reputation for excellence is driven by a renowned and customer-centric team of Lebanese dining specialists who attract an exclusive list of regional and international clientele of diplomats and dignitaries. In 2014, Burj Al-Hamam celebrated its ten years anniversary serving Kuwait Lebanese legacy cuisine.

Kout Food Group will continue to develop Burj Al-Hamam through sustained originality and modernism, outstanding customer service, high quality authentic food and a unique dining experience.


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